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Our residential electrical services keep life moving forward safely, plus define and enhance everyday spaces.

Renewable Electric competently troubleshoots and repairs simple to complex electrical problems. Additionally, Renewable Energy professionals work cooperatively with your design team to bring your best and brightest visions to life.

Upgrade – Faulty electrical systems are dangerous. Prevent electrical emergencies by upgrading your current electrical system to meet the newest, safest code.

Electrical Audit – Identify waste and resolve problems with a comprehensive electrical audit. Learn energy-saving measures and save money each month.

Avoid Brownouts – Renewable Electric expertly repairs old, unreliable wiring and eliminates shortages.

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Electrical Panel
Kitchen Remodel
Electrical Panel
Electrical Panel
Surge Protector
Hot Tub
Additional Circuits
Heated Floor
Underground Electrical
Electrical for Pump
Electrical for Pump