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Electrical distribution and equipment problems are a leading cause of home fires.

At Renewable Electric, safety is first. Feel confident hiring our bonded and insured Licensed Master Electrician and team of trained professionals who meticulously work to the National Electrical Code book. With continuous advanced training, our team practices the latest safety code updates and requirements.

Upgrading electrical systems is an essential task in older homes – and it’s our specialty. We understand older buildings and the increasing demands of modern technology. The Renewable Electric team follows the wise advice of, “check twice, drill once.” We bring your home up to code safely, with existing infrastructure intact.

When a brownout occurs, power is lost and serious damage occurs to your computers, TVs and more. If your power supply is erratic, and you experience frequent brownouts, stop the frustration and damage with a call to Renewable Electric.

Fire Damage
Fire Damaged Panel
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